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    Our 5 Favorite Places to Use Anti-Fatigue WellnessMats Outdoors

Our 5 Favorite Places to Use Anti-Fatigue WellnessMats Outdoors

Here at WellnessMats, we realize that busy people never spend too much time in any one spot. We keep pretty busy around here, too (too busy!) and love using our WellnessMats throughout the home, office, and even outdoor spaces. […]

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Three (Delicious) Ways to Spruce Up Grilled Chicken

We love stepping outdoors during the Summer season to make use of the grill! With your WellnessMat, you’ll look forward to standing at the grill more often — especially if it means tasting more of the grilled foods you […]

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How to Use Garden Herbs in Your Cooking Recipes

Gardening is enjoyable—and healthy—for the whole family. Our Companion Mat has made gardening especially easy for us adults whose knees may not be as up for the task! If you’re from the Midwest, you know that our summer doesn’t last all […]

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7 Fun Indoor and Outdoor Activities for Kids and Parents


We realize how important it is to stay active as you age in order to feel as healthy as possible. We’re all about both health and wellness (or we wouldn’t call ourselves WellnessMats!) and we love anything that helps […]

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Indulge: In-Season June Fruits

Keeping up with the seasons can be tricky. Each month always brings a new selection of in-season fruits. We love using fresh in-season fruits in green salads—especially sweet strawberries and cherries. These seasonal June fruits are also great for […]

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    Drumroll Please…Introducing WellnessMats for the Whole Home!

Drumroll Please…Introducing WellnessMats for the Whole Home!

You may have noticed a few changes here at WellnessMats.  When our customers asked for uncompromising comfort and performance, we listened. While we continue to innovate our product aesthetics, colors, and sizes, we are excited to introduce our new […]

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Father’s Day Gift Guide

Father’s day is around the corner! Ditch the tie idea (how many ties does Dad really need?) and surprise Dad with one of these gifts he’ll love:
Maxum Mats
Maxum Mats are our most durable mat for industrial grade comfort. With […]

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