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    Anupy Singla’s Essential Spices for More Herbs Less Salt Day

Anupy Singla’s Essential Spices for More Herbs Less Salt Day

Happy National More Herbs, Less Salt day!

Being mindful of salt consumption is extremely important to health — too much salt (which is far more common in the average person’s diet than is too little salt…) leads to spikes in […]

Sneaking Veggies into Your Child’s Diet

It’s back to school, which means it’s back to packing (healthy) lunches for the kids. We understand the struggle some parents have with widening their children’s palates to healthier foods like vegetables.

However desperate the struggle may be, these sneaky (yet […]

6 Ways to Wellness with Relaxation

All of us experience stress at some point! But not all of us know how to deal with the stresses of our lives. Whether it’s stress at work or at home, it’s important to be mindful of it and […]

Fitness Jargon Debunked: 10 Terms to Know at the Gym

Gym jargon can be intimidating…but it shouldn’t keep you from looking and feeling your best! Whether you normally exercise at home using your FitnessMat (we sure do!) or you enjoy stepping out of the house and into your local […]

5 DIY Wall Decals for the Home

Sometimes, adding a pop of color to a white wall can give the impression of an entire room makeover. Decorating the walls of your home does not necessarily mean spending top-dollar on expensive portraits and paintings, though! We love […]

Anupy Singla Cooks in Comfort

We had the pleasure of getting to know Chef Anupy Singla at one of our previous events, where Anupy used WellnessMats in her test kitchen! Like the other chefs at the event, Anupy loved the mats! WellnessMats especially added […]

Meet Anupy Singla: Featured Chef of the Month

Introducing our featured chef of the month: Anupy Singla!
If you are unfamiliar with Chef Anupy Singla, you probably know Anupy as Chicago’s first Indian-American news anchor. After working as a reporter and journalists for Tribune Co. (owver of CLTV and WGN), Channel […]