Must-Try Asian Wines, Spirits, & Drinks

Ming Tsai, our featured chef of the month, describes his culinary style as “East-meets-West,” — and that doesn’t have to be limited to what you are eating! There are a handful of Asian and Asian-inspired wines, spirits, and drinks […]

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Upgrade Your Kitchen with Fall Decor

Here at WellnessMats, we’re gearing up for Fall coming up around the corner! If your kitchen is in need of an upgrade, sometimes all it takes is simple finishing touches to transform your entire kitchen, and Fall is the […]

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Ming Tsai Wok Recipes for a Big Family Dinner

As you can see…Chef Ming Tsai is a funny guy, an awesome chef, and a big fan of WellnessMats! We got the chance to meet with Chef Ming at a previous cooking event we attended where he used one of […]

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Our Favorite Ways to Use Companion Mat

This month, our Featured Mat of September is Companion Mat — our most versatile, portable, and miniature addition to our Wellness collection. Don’t let Companion Mat’s small size (22″ x 18″) fool you into thinking it isn’t as useful […]

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Kid-Friendly Vegetarian Lunches for Back-to-School

Of course, the beginnings of back-to-school means the beginnings of packing lunches — and preferably, healthy lunches! And no, healthy does not have to mean boring and it certainly doesn’t have to mean tasteless. Whether you’re packing lunch for […]

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Introducing Our Featured Chef of the Month: Ming Tsai

It’s hard to believe it’s already September — but, believe it! The start of September means back-to-school, a shift in seasons, and (drum-roll please) a new Featured Chef of the Month! This month, we’re excited to feature Chef Ming […]

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