Duff Goldman Eyeball Cupcakes for Halloween

Halloween is all about the tricks and treats — and who better to ask for recipes to satisfy your sweet tooth than extravagant pastry chef Duff Goldman?
Transforming cakes into…well, anything imaginable…is what Duff does best. And his elaborate cake […]

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Carve in Comfort This Halloween with Villafane Studios

It’s hard to believe that this life-size zombie — complete with missing teeth, skin, and exposed intestines — was once a pile of several unassuming pumpkins! (Some as large as well over 1000 pounds!)
While we’re not big fans of […]

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Celebrate Chocolate Cupcake Day — You Know How

If you didn’t know that today is National Chocolate Cupcake day — we are here to tell you! We’re also here to give you the perfect excuse to indulge in the chocolaty goodness that is a chocolate cupcake.

Luckily for […]

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“Cake-Azz” Cake Decorating w/ Chef Duff Goldman

At a glance, this looks like any other unassuming graphing calculator.
Think again. This calculator is 100% edible…That’s because this graphic calculator is not a graphic calculator at all. It’s actually a cake. Fooled you! Now we really know what […]

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    “WellnessMats are Cake-Azz” — Introducing Chef Duff Goldman

“WellnessMats are Cake-Azz” — Introducing Chef Duff Goldman

You know this man. You’ve seen him on his own reality-TV show (“Ace of Cakes”) on the Food Network. He’s also responsible for turning impossibly difficult baking assignments into delicious cake realities…our dear friend and a long time fan […]